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Mollie Sue Fitzgerald Phelps

Mollie Fitzgerald Phelps (1873-1950) -wife of Wyatt Edward Phelps--With her Grandaughter Dorothy (Dot) Phelps--daughter of Guy Wilford Phelps and Phronia Washington Walker Phelps--The House in the background is the Old Phelps Homeplace in Person County no longer standing. Dot Phelps Newsome--in the picture with Mollie--is my Father Latham's Double 1st Cousin as two Phelps Brothers Elmo & Guy married two Walker Sisters Catherine & Phronia--Picture graciously
supplied by Dorothy (Dot)Phelps Newsome, Ahoskie N.C. Above is a picture of Mollie's Parents believed to be their wedding picture.

Ellis Fitzgerald(1849-1909)& his wife Ruth Albarty(1847-1926) --Parents of Molly Fitzgerald Phelps--wife of Wyatt Edward Phelps---Ellis's Father William F. Fitzgerald(1827-1862)was born in Pittsylvania County,Virginia,and resided as a farmer in Guilford County,N.C.,where he enlisted in the Confederacy for the Civil War at age 34 August 27th,1861. He was killed in the battle at Malvern Hill,Virginia July 1st,1862. Ellis Fitzgerald was the eldest son of William F. Fitzgerald and Sara(Sally)A.Elizabeth Woods. Ellis had three younger brothers-James,William & Thomas Yancey Fitzgerald(1857-1894)who married Corinna Frances Phelps(1861-1904)were ancestors of Bob Timberlake-the Artist.The picture of Ellis & Ruth above is thought to be their wedding picture,and was graciously supplied by my Cousin Kathy Parker Oakley-Daughter of Kathleen Phelps-My Great-Aunt-sister of My Grandfather Elmo Phelps.





When I starting helping my son, Latham Mark Phelps in March 2001 to seek and
input to my Family Tree Maker program the descendants of my grandfather, Wyatt
Edward Phelps and his two wives Robenia (Beany) Blackwell and my grandmother,
Mary (Mollie) Fitzgerald, I visited a number of cousins, sent letters to many,
and e-mailed many. Heretofore, family link to Timberlake's was based upon oral
history. However during a visit to Roxboro, N C at Inez Rogers Phelps's home.
She told me many years ago a Casper H. Timberlake, Sr. visited her late
husband, Malcom Phelps during the period Casper was researching his association
with Phelps family. At this time, I contacted Bob Timberlake, the Artist in
Lexington, N C July 11, 2001 in an attempt to obtain a copy of Casper's research
but e-mail response from '' no copy here. Meanwhile,
Mark loaned me his research material and a copy of Casper's research, post
marked from Lexington, N C on January 09, 1984 was found. The following is a
transcription of Casper's research. Dessie Arline Phelps was the Mother of Capser H. Timberlake and his Great Grandfather was William F. Fitzgerald.

January 05, 1977

William F. Fitzgerald was born in Pittsylvania County, Virginia about 1827,
(Since his age was listed in the June 02, 1860 census of Guilford County, N C on
Page 4, Visitation 27, North Division). His parents are unknown at this time,
(We think his father was John Fitzgerald, Jr.).

He was married to Sarah (Sally) A. Elizabeth Woods in Yanceyville, N C at the
Court House on March 14, 1846. Samuel E. Moore was bondsman.

The 1850 census of Pittsyvania County, Virginia shows that he owned real estate
in Pittsylvania County, Virginia and valued at $2,000.00.

William F. Fitzgerald (census June 02, 1860) was 33 years old and Sarah (Sally)
A. Elizabeth Woods was 30 years old. In the same census, their first child
B. Ellis was 11 years old and had born in Pittsylvania, County, Virginia.
C. Their second son, James Fitzgerald was 9 years old and born in Caswell
D. County, N C. Their third son, William Fitzgerald was 6 years old and had
E. been born in Caswell County, N C. Their fourth son (last child), Thomas
F. Yancey Fitzgerald was 3 years old and had been born in Orange County, N C.
G. All of this above information is from Page 4, North Division, North
H. Carolina census records, June 02, 1860.

William F. Fitzgerald enlisted in the Confederate Army on August 21, 1861 in
Second Regiment, Company "E" (infantry) at Guilford County, N C. He was killed
at Malvern Hill, Virginia in battle on July 01, 1862. (This information is from
Page 424, North Carolina Troops: 1861-1865.) Casper H. Timberlake added a
longhand note saying William F. Fitzgerald was his Great Grandfather.

Thomas Yancey Fitzgerald was the fourth and youngest child son of William F.
Fitzgerald and Sarah (Sally) E. Elizabeth Woods Fitzgerald. Thomas Yancey
Fitzgerald was born on July 29, 1857 in Orange County, N C. On January 06, 1881
married Corrinna Frances Phelps in Orange County, N C, (Bushy Fork). He died May
11, 1894 and buried at Clement Baptist Church, Bushy Fork Community in Person
County. She died December 24, 1904 and was buried at Clement Baptist Church,
Bushy Fork community in Person County.

There were five (5) girls born to the family of Thomas Yancey Fitzgerald and
Corrinna Frances Phelps. First: Dessie Arline Fitzgerald was born in Person
County, N C on November 01, 1881, married Edgar Anderson Timberlake on May 25,
1904, and died at her home in Lexington on June 29, 1963. She was buried in the
Lexington City Cemetery, Lexington, N C. Second: Lillian Pearl Fitzgerald, born
on April 11, 1885 in Person County, married Charles M. Wilkerson in Hillsville,
VA and died in Lexington, N C on March 05, 1960, died in Lexington, N C, and
buried at the Clement Baptist Church in Bushy Fork community of Person County by
the side of her mother and father. He was born December 30, 1863, died March
1975 and buried in Lexington, N C. Third: Lebertha Fitzgerald born on October
19, 1887 in Person County, married Leon Thadeus Butner on April 30, 1911 in
Lexington, N C and now living in Bethania, N C. Fourth: Annie William Fitzgerald
born on November 16, 1889 in Person County married Percy Vann Critcher on
January 22, 1914 in Lexington, N C, and now living in Lexington, N C. Fifth:
Ruth Leolian Fitzgerald born on July 14, 1893 in Person County, married Robert
L. Green on July 20, 1919 in Lexington, N C, and now living in Lexington, N C.

An addition: Corrrinna Frances Phelps was the daughter from the union of John
Lee Phelps, son of Thomas H. Phelps and Sarah Ann Riggs on November 15, 1859 in
Person County, N C. He died in 1838 and buried at Jones/ Riggs cemetery, about
one- half mile from the Phelps Family cemetery.

Family of Ellis B. Fitzgerald, son of William and oldest brother of Thomas
Yancey married Ruth Albbarthy (daughter of Jack Albbarthy) on December 03, 1868
in Rockingham County by D. E. Jordan; died in Thomasville N C and buried at Rich
Fork Creek Baptist Church, Thomasville, N C: Children were: Walter C married
Mary Leonard. William F.; John: Doss; Hattie F. married Mann Clodfelter; Mary
(Mollie) Susan married Wyatt Edward Phelps in 1893 at age 20, born in 1873,
died 1950, buried in Phelps Family Cemetery with her husband and his first wife,
Robenia (Beany) Blaskwell husband and his first wife, Robenia (Beany) Blackwell
(born 1860 and died 1892). He was born in Virginia and is buried between both

Maletta single and Anne single.

North Carolina Marriage Certificate, copy in hand, shows that William Fitzgerald
married Sarah (Sally) A. Elizabeth Woods in Caswell County on March 03, 1846.
Recorded March 25, 1869 in N. C. Dept of Archives & History.


There is a tradition in the family that Edmund Fitzgerald, Sr. was born upon the
high seas, parents being emigrants to America. He first appears in Pittsylvania
County Virginia records in 1778, when he purchased 100 acres on the North side
of the Bannister River. In 1814 he and his wife Mellicent (Pane) made a deed of
gift of 300 acres on Bannister River, which he had purchased from Haynes Morgan,
to their son Edmund Fitzgerald, Jr. Here Edmund Fitzgerald, Jr. built his home,
which is standing today in fine state of preservation, and owned by his grandson
Samuel Stone. The will of Edmund Fitzgerald, Sr. was proven January 1884, in
which he made heirs: sons Reuben, Samuel, Edmund JR., James, and William
Fitzgerald; and daughters Nancy wife of Hardin Wilson, and Elizabeth wife of
James H. Stone. The latter settled the old Pine Old Place, "Oak Grove", with its
Boxwood Gardens. (From Page # 172 History of Pittsylvania County, Virginia.)

The daughters of the American Revolution Lineage Book - Page # 215 # 121669,
Mrs. Susan Womack Lewis born in Danville, Virginia, descendant of Lieut. Edmund
Fitzgerald. Edmund Fitzgerald served as Ensign and entered and Lieutenant, 1778-
1781, in the Pittsylvania County Militia. He was born at sea and died in
Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

#142256 - Mrs. Elizabeth Stone Perrow, wife of F. Kirk Perrow born in
Pittsylvania County, Virginia descent of Lieutenant Edmund Fitzgerald (1745-
1848) who served in the Virginia Militia, was also a Patriot who gave material
aid and signed the oath of Allegiance in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, where he
died. He was born at sea.

William Fitzgerald, son of Edmund Fitzgerald, Sr., married Sally Jones April 12,
1813; the daughter of Thomas B. Jones.

Edmund Fitzgerald deeds to his son William Fitzgerald for love and natural
affection which he bares to his son and the sum of $1.00 a acre a 500 acre tract
on the north side of Bannister River. Deed was dated 17th. Day of May 1819.
(See Deed Book # 22 - Page # 227 - Pittsylvania County, Virgina.)

A deed dated September 25, 1866, Mary Letitia Clark deeds to William Fitzgerald
for the sum of $2000.00 all her Right, Title and Interest Unto one third part of
the Bannister Mills and Fixtures and Machinery, Stock of hogs, a Negro man Sam,
and all the profits arising from said one-third part of the foregoing of which
the said Mill is situated as well as her interest in the 100 acres land more or
less adjoining the said Mill situated between the Road running from said Mill to
Clark's Bridge. (See Deed Book #56 - Page # 396, Pittsylvania County, Virginia.)

William Fitzgerald died 0n 1866, his will is dated 12th Day June 1866. The will
was probated in Pittsylvania County, Virginia; the will names his daughters,
Mildred, Jane, and Martha Fitzgerald daughters of Mary Montley (wife of John
Montley who were married October 24, 1842.) and Rebecca White. His sons Thomas,
a Edmund Fitzgerald, and William Fitzgerald, deceased who married Virginia Smith
July 10, 1855, daughter of Sexton W. Smith & Mary Smith.

In his will, William Fitzgerald wills to his son Thomas Fitzgerald one share in
the Richmond & Danville Rail Road. Also gives to his son Thomas Fitzgerald and
his daughters Rebecca White 500 acres Land not far from Stanton River on the
waters of Reed Creek to be equally between them. He wills his Mill and Land
attached to son Thomas Fitzgerald and his three daughters Mildred, Jane, and
Martha. Thomas Fitzgerald is to pay some personal attention to the said Mill
without charge, he owning one-half and the three daughter's other half. Thomas
Fitzgerald is named executor of the will. (See Will Book # 2 Page # 488 -
Pittsylvania County, Virginia - see next paragraph.

Pittsylvania County, Virginia (Will Book # 2 Page 488)

I William Fitzgerald of the County of Pittsylvania and State of Virginia do make
this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills.

First - I direct my just debts be paid.

Second - I give my three daughters Mildred, Jane, and Martha Fitzgerald my track
of land on which I reside, also fifty acres of land to be cut off the my lower
end the Mill Tract, beginning a line between a Gate and Branch in the left hand
side of the road leading from my Mill to Spring Gardens the said one hundred and
fifty acres to be cut off towards the Mountain - Also give my three daughters
all of my house and Kitchen property - Stock of all kinds, Crops of every
description, all my plantation Tools, my Riding Carriage and Two shares I own in
Richmond & Danville Rail Road, my daughters, equally in the aforementioned said
property, and any surplus money I may have on hand, I give my three above
mentioned daughters.

Third - I give the balance of my Mountain Land to my daughter Rebecca White.

Fourth - I give my son Thomas Fitzgerald and my daughter Rebecca White five
hundred and fifty acres land adjoining lands of Thomas Cook & others not far
from Stanton River on the waters of Reed Creek to be equally divided between

Fifth - My Mill, and land attached except the fifty acres given to my daughters
Mildred, Jane, and Martha, I give my son Thomas Fitzgerald pay some personal
attention to said Mill without charge, he having one half and my three daughters
named above other half.

Sixth - I give my son Thomas Fitzgerald one share in the Richmond and Danville
Rail Road.
Seventh - It's my will that my three daughters Mildred, Jane, and Martha give
something to my granddaughter Martha W. Fitzgerald, daughter of my son William
Fitzgerald, deceased provided my three daughters above named are willing to do
Eighth - I give nothing to my son Edmund Fitzgerald he having heretofore had a
portion of my estate.

Ninth - Having given to my daughter Nancy Montley property heretofore so I give
her nothing in this will.

I hereby constitute and appoint my son Thomas Fitzgerald my Executor.
Witness my hand this 12th Day of June 1866.

William Fitzgerald

Witness: Joseph E. Anderson and T. A. Fitzgerald


(Page # 299 Visitation # 1216, Southern District

William Fitzgerald, Age 23 (Farmer)

Sally Fitzgerald, Age 20 (Wife)


Ellis Fitzgerald, Age 1

James Fitzgerald, Age 0

Value of Real Estate holdings $2,000.00.

William Fitzgerald married Sarah A. E. Woods March 14, 1846 (Samuel P. Moore,
Bondsman) in Caswell County, North Carolina.

NORTH CAROLINA TROOPS 1861- 1865 (Page # 424)

Fitzgerald, William F., Private

Born in Pitteylvania County, Virginia, and resided as a farmer in Guilford
County where he enlisted at age 34, August 27, 1861 for the war. Killed at
Malvern Hill, Virginia, July 1, 1862.

Fitzgerald, Thomas F, Private

Born in Caswell County, N C and resided as a farmer in Guilford County when he
enlisted at age 34, August 27, 1861 for the war. Killed in February of at
Malvern Hill, Virginia, at Aquia Creek of "bran fever".


James Fitzgerald State Grant # 642, 373 acres land in Guilford County on the
waters of Buffalo Creek of Dan River, dated October 22, 1782. ( Deed Book # E
Page # 257)

James Fitzgerald State Grant # 626, 79 acres land on both sides of Buffalo
Creek, dated October 22. 1782. (Deed Book # F Page # 257)

Ellis B. Fitzgerald (son of William & Sarah Fitzgerald) married Ruth Albbarty
(daughter of Jack Albbarty) on December 03, 1868. By D. E. Jordan, Rockingham
County marriage records.

William Fitzgerald married Sally Grady January 28, 1815, Rockingham marriage

William R. Fitzgerald age 76 years old born December 06, 1840 in Pittsylvania
County, Virginia (son of Thomas Fitzgerald and Jane Thompson), died April 28,
1917 and buried at Madison Cemetery, Madison, N C. (Rockingham County)

Richard Thomas Fitzgerald was born in Caswell County, N C on October 25, 1837,
died June 11, 1918 (son of Banister Fitzgerald and Maria Beets),and buried
Ruffin Cemetery, Ruffin, N C. (Rockingham County)

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