Friday, September 16, 2005

Lewis Elmo Phelps

Lewis "Elmo" Phelps-Son of Wyatt Edward Phelps and Molly Fitzgerald-Grandson of Thomas H. Phelps and Elizabeth Eubank--Husband of Catherine Walker Phelps--Father of Wilford Latham Phelps--I was only 7 when my Grandfather died in 1957 from Emphysema--I can still remember from my childhood seeing him bent over at the waist,holding his knees,trying to get his breath. Elmo married Catherine Walker Nov.22nd,1924 in Person County,N.C.After they married they lived for the first years in a log cabin across the road from his father's homeplace .In this humble cabin their first 2 Sons were born--Gordon Elmo(1925),Wilford Latham(1928),Milton Walker was to come later in 1930.They eventually bought their own farm of about 300 acres on Corbett Ridge in Caswell Co. and raised Tobacco and other crops along with their 3 sons

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