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Phelps Family of Kentucky by Irene & M.D. Phelps

My father, Wilford Latham Phelps, received a copy of the following research by Irene K. Phelps and M. D. Phelps, from Tamra Phelps of Somerset, Kentucky, in September, 2006. There has been much discussion about this "Pamphlet" among Phelps researchers lately. In the interest of sharing family, I am making this available as a text file for all to see.

Posted by,
Latham "Mark" Phelps --October 2006

By: Irene K. Phelps and M. D. Phelps Jr.
28 Walnut St.
Milton, Massachussets 02186

JOHN Phelps was the name of our Revolutionary War ancestor. He was born about: 1730 in Goochland (later Albermarle) County, Virginia. He was at Boonesborough with Daniel Boone and did his Revolutionary War service as Defender of the Fort. The principal battle here was the Great Siege of 1778 and JOHN and Thomas Phelps,* Junior were both involved in this, as were many of Thomas' children (more about this later).

Shadrach Phelps our great great grandfather, was born Feb. 3, 1775. He was probably still in Virginia during .:the Great Siege, but came to Boonesborough with his father and mother at a later date. He was still at Boonesborough (with Daniel Boone) in 1795. We know this because in December of that year he witnessed a deed from Daniel Boon (sic) to Catrine Sherly for 409 acres of land in Madison County. His father, JOHN (who was also at Boonesborough with Daniel Boone), died some time before 1798, when his will was accepted for probate in Madison County Court.

JOHN and his brother Thomas, Jr. and their 'wives and children were actively involved in the settlement and early defense of the area that was later to become the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Shadrach (son of JOHN Phelps) was married by Rev. Thomas I. Chilton on 8 Dec 1796 to Celia Stapp (Seley Step).They settled in what is now Russell County,, Kentucky, in about 1798. They built their first log cabin a few feet from an excellent "boiling spring" which has been tapped and still furnishes pure drinking water, almost two hundred years later, to many of their decendents. Their farm, "on the waters of Greasy Creek", is still home to their great great grandson, Carl Phelps (my Brother); his wife., Elizabeth Phelps, his son John Phelps, his daughter-in-law Judy Phelps and their son John (John Carl) Phelps.

Now known as "Phelps Acres"., the farm on Greasy Creek,originally in Greene (later Green) County, was in Adair County when Adair was formed from Green in 1801. It has been part of Russell County since 1825, when Russell was cut from Adair, Cumberland and Wayne Counties. (Thomas Lincoln, father of the 16th
President, was appointed Constable of Cumberland County in 1802 and again in 1804). Phelps Acres is in the Esto Community, near Jamestown. Esto Postoffice was established Aug. 1, 1877, and discontinued Oct. 2, 1935.

Celia and Shadrach had six children (Elizabeth, Polly, John M.(OurGreat Grandfather), Martha, Joseph Shadrach and William P.(Patteson?). Celia was born Oct. 29, 1772 and died April 29, 1855. Shadrach was born Feb. 3, 1775 and died Sept. 21, 1855. They are buried, (along with three of their children and many other decendents and close neighbors) in the Phelps Family Cemetery. The Cemetery is located on the farm, on high ground some three hundred yards northeast of the boiling spring and the site of their original log cabin. Also near the site of the present farmhouse, built in the late?eighteen hundreds by their grandson John Quincy Phelps (our grandfather).

Shadrach's grandfather, Thomas Phelps, Sr. died in Albermarle County, Virginia in 1751. He and his wife Elizabeth (Patteson) Phelps had at least five children. One son, William Phelps, preceded them in death in 1749. His will is recorded in Will Book I, Page 1 (Albermarle County Court Records). There were two other sons, Thomas Phelps, Jr. and JOHN Phelps (our John, Shadrach's father) and two daughters; Mary Phelps Patteson and Mrs.Richard (Mildred Phelps) Given. In his 1751 Will (preserved in Will Book Is, page 20) Thomas Phelps, Sr. left to Thomas, Jr. three hundred acres of land, on Bridle Creek "Joining' his own lines". To his son JOHN Phelps (Shadrach's father and our immediate ancestor) he left "The Plantation whereon I now dwell and the Islan (sic) I now tend in'' and three hundred acres of land on both sides of Hunt's Creek "JOINING NICHOLAS' LINE".

He bequethed unto his loving daughter Mary Patteson one shilling sterling (i.e. he "cut her off with a shilling"). However, he left to her daughter Joyce Patteson and her son Peter Patteson "betwixt them both one child's part'. He wished all his personal estate to be equally divided among all his children (except his daughter Mary Patteson), and named as executors of his last will and testament his son Thomas Phelps Jr. and his son-in-law Richard Given. The will was witnessed by John Fearn, Theodoric C. Webb and Chiceley Crisp.

Albermarle County Will Book I Page 20

In the name of God amen I Thomas Phelps of Albermarle County being weak in body but in sound and perfect memory do make this my last Will and Testament in manner and form as followeth. Item I give my Soul to God as gave it & my body to the Earth to be buried in Decent Christian like manner as my Executors shall think fit. Item I lend unto my Loving Wife Elizabeth Phelps During her Widowhood all my whole Estate Real and personal Item I Give and Bequeath unto my Loving Son Thomas Phelps Three hundred acres of land Lying on Both sides of Bridle Creek Joining his own Lines to him and his heirs forever. Item I Give and Bequeath unto my loving son John Phelps the Plantation whereon I now Dwell & the Islan I now tend in and three hundred acres of Land on both' sides of' Hunt's Creek Joining
Nicholas' Line to him and his heirs forever Item I Give and Bequeath to my loving Daughter Mary Patteson one Shilling Sterling. Item I Give and Bequeath unto my GrandDaughter Joyce Patteson and my Grandson Peter Patteson Betwixt them both one Childs part. It is my will & Desire that all my Personal Estate shall be Equally Divided among all my Children Except my Daughter Mary Patteson & my Will and Desires that my Estate Shall not be appraised enduring my Wifes time & I do appoint and ordain my Son Thomas Phelps & my Son in Law Richard Givin to be executors of this my last Will and I do by these presents Revoke all other Wills heretofore by me made.

Signed Sealed & Delivered to be his last will and Testament In presence of us

Thomas Phelps (Ss)
John Fearn
Theodoric (his mark) C. Webb
Chicely Crisp

At a Court held for Albermarle County the 14th day of May 1751 This last Will and Testament of Thomas Phelps decd was proved by the Oaths of John Fearn Theodorick Webb & Chicely Crisp the witnesses thereto & ordered to be?recorded & on the motion of Thomas Phelps & Richard Giviu the Executors therein named who made Oath according to Law Certificate is Granted them for obtaining a probat thereof in due Form Giving security on which they with Theoderick Webb and Joseph Thomas their Securities entered Into and acknowledged their Bond accordingly.

John Nicholas C1k.

Albermarle County Will Book I, p.1

In the name of God amen. I William Phelps being weak in body but in sound and Perfect Memory do make this my last will and Testament In Manner a?ad Form as Followeth. First I give and Bequeth to my Loving Brother in Law William Baber Two hundred acres of Land on Nell Moores Creek of Slate River Joining John Sharps Line to him and his heirs forever on Condition he pay to my Executors hereinAfter named or their order the value of the Rights Surveyors & Secretarys Fees of the same. I give and bequeath to my Loving Father Thomas Phelps and to my loving Brother Thomas Phelps Jun.r all the Rest and residue of my Estate of what nature and kind so ever in trust nevertheless to be Equally Devided by them between my two sons James Phelps and William Phelps and their heirs forever and for no other Intent or Purpose whatever and do ordain and appoint my said Father and Brother to be Executors of this my last Will and do by these Presents' Revoke all other Wills by me heretofore made.

Signed Sealed Published and Declared to be his last will and Testament in Presence of us,
William Cabell
Thomas (his mark) Makdanal,
John Dunken,
John Blackle.
William Phelps S s

Albermarle Cty. May Court MDCCXliX This Writing was produced in Court & by the, oaths of William Cabell & Thomas McDaniel Proved to be the last will and Testament of William Phelps Decd & ordered to be Recorded.

Jnot Henning DCSCr.

In the summer of 1984, Irene and I were able to locate the exact site of Thomas Phelps' Plantation south of the James River (called the Fluvanna River in this area before the Revolution). We were unable to find Bridle Creek, but Hunt's Creek of Slate River and Bear Garden Creek still bear the same names. Also "Phelps island" (so designated on an 1818 map of Virginia), while no longer an island, is easily identified. It encompasses nine acres and was surveyed for Thomas Phelps in 1746 by Thomas Turpin. (Thomas Turpin was an uncle, by marriage to Thomas Jefferson.) In July of 1985, we obtained a copy of the original land patent for the Island, dated 1746. Still intact is the Plantation of John Nicholas (See "Nicholas', Line" in Thomas Phelps Will). It is currently known as "Seven Islands Farm". ("Seven Islands" and "Nicholas"' are both identified on the map of Virginia published by Joshua Fry and Peter Jefferson in 1751).

John Nicholas became County Court Clerk of Albermarle County between 1749 and 1751, and was succeeded by his son, also named John. As Clerk, he knew most of the people in the county and was very helpful in promoting the early political career of his friend Thomas Jefferson. The last will and testament and the inventory of the estate of Thomas Phelps, Sr. are both preserved in Albermarle County Will Book I, inscribed and attested to by "John Nicholas, Clerk". During the Revolution, the Nicholas Plantation was the "breadbasket" of the Continental Army, and was slated for destruction by the British. Execution of this mission was foiled by, a sudden flood tide that prevented fording of the Fluvanna (James) by Tarleton's forces as they marched (fortunately north of the river) to Yorktown. During the Civil War, almost a hundred years later, General Dalghren, was similarly frustrated by flooding of the James. His. primary mission, which he accomplished, was to disable the Kanawha Canal, a vital avenue of supply for the Confederacy. His secondary assignment, was to destroy the Nicholas Plantation., which was again spared because flooding prevented Dalghren's troops (also advancing NORTH of the James) from, fording the river to carry out their mission of destruction.

This area north of the James (opposite Nicholas' Plantation and, the site of Thomas Phelps' Plantation), is still known as BREMO. The highway bridge there; where US-15 crosses the river; is "The John Hartwell Cocke Memorial? Bridge". Cocke was the builder of BREMO MANSION, visible today from the site of Thomas Phelps' Plantation on the other side of the river. "Bremo" was designed, in part, by Thomas Jefferson, who was Cocke's friend. While not as elaborate as Jefferson's Monticello, it is an excellent example of the eighteenth and early nineteenth century plantation architecture of Virginia.

We have found no direct connection between Thomas Phelps and John Hartwell Cocke or Thomas Jefferson. However, during the first day of Court in the new County of Albermarle (February 28, 1744), while Peter Jefferson . (Thomas father) , and Joshua Fry were busy swearing each other in as officials of the new County, Thomas Phelps was named as one of the appraisers of the estate of Wentworth Webb, deceased. As will be pointed out later, Wentworth Webb was witness to deed from John Phelps (Shadrach's Great Grandfather) and Mary, his wife, dated 1736, to Thomas Phelps. This was for two hundred fifty acres of land on "Rockie Branch" (now known as "Rocky Creek"). Rocky Creek empties into Slate River just upstream from Hunt's Creek. We also have a copy of a land patent, dated 1725, in which John Phelphs Acquired, from King George (later known as George I), 1OO acres of "New Land" in Henrico County "on the south side of the Fluvanna (James) River "at the mouth of Bear Garden Creek". (Land Patent Book #12, p. 406). The listed purchase price was ten shillings .

Bear Garden Creek empties into the James east of the mouth of Slate River and also eastward from "Phelps Island", acquired by Thomas Phelps in 1746. This area, south of the James and on the waters of Bear Garden Creek, Hunt's Creek, Slate River and the phantom "Brydle Creek" (the name no longer exists) was settled. by John Phelps (Phelphs) in 1725. This John Phelps is thought to be the father of Thomas Phelps, Sr.; the grandfather of JOHN Phelps (our John) and., as mentioned above, The Great Grandfather of Shadrach Phelps. This "Phelps" area south of the Fluvanna (James), was part of Henrico County in 1725. Later it was part of Goochland County (when John and Mary Phelps deeded laud here to Thomas Phelps (1736; deed witnessed by Wentworth Webb). In 1744, it became part of Albermarle County and in 1761, it was in Buckingham County, when Buckingham was cut from Albermarle. William Phelps, Thomas' son and brother to Thomas, Jr. and JOHN (our John), received 400 acres of land "on the East Branch of Bear Garden Creek" June 5, 1746.

We have as yet., found no connection between Thomas Phelps of Albermarle County (died 1751) and the "Thomas Phelps, Artisan" listed by Captain John Smith as a member of the "Second Supply" of immigrants to James Towne, arriving in 1608. It was the opinion of the late Dr. Ransom B. True, Director of Historical Research for THE ASSOCIATION FOR THE PRESERVATION OF VIRGINIA ANTIQUITIES (APVA), that this Thomas Phelps, the first Phelps known to have arrived in America, probably perished during the "starving time" (1609-1610). In any event there is no record of his marrying or having decendents, and there is no record of any connection with the Thomas Phelps whose will was proved in Albermarle County in 1751.

Speculation can be disastrous, but it is interesting to note that Sir Edward Phelips, builder of Montacute House in the County of Somerset, Speaker of the House of Commons and prosecuter of Guy Fawkes, was the youngest son of Thomas Phelips, who was the son of John Phelips. Even more interesting is the fact that Sir Edward Phelips: `Master of the Rolls" was one of the investors in The Virginia Company of London. "The Virginia Company of London" consisted of a group of "Adventurers", who, by subscribing 12 Pounds 10 Shillings each, subsidized the initial, voyage to James Towne in 1606 and provided all financial support to the Colony until control was assumed by the Crown in 1624.

Speculation aside, we know that Thomas Phelps, Artisan, arrived with the Second Supply in 1608. Many of the 26 "'Gentlemen" in this Supply were accompanied by sons, nephews or cousins that were designated as "Laborers". A son, brother or nephew of Sir Edward Phelips, Adventurer, could well have been listed by Captain Smith as an Artisan,, since this ?social class ?included Yoemen and Merchants and laborers with special skills. Others listed among the 200 persons in this "Supply" were Mistresse Forest and Anne Burras "her maide" (who later contracted the first marriage in English America) and "8 Dutchmen and Poles". We don't know the names of the Dutchmen, But the 5 Poles are listed on a bronze plaque at Jamestown Village as (1) Michal Lowicki (2) Zbigniew Stefanski, (3) Jan Bogdan (4) Jan Mata and (5) Stanislaw Sadowski. With characteristic incongruity "Michaelle Lowicke" is also listed as one of the 26 "Gentlemen" arriving I Oct 1608 on the same British Sailer as the others, the "MARY AND MARGARET"., The aforementioned plaque was donated in 1958 (commemorating the 350th anniversary of the event) by THE POLISH FALCONS OF AMERICA.

In the summer of 1985, Irene and I spent a week in the Village of Montacute. We spent several days exploring Moutacute House (Sir Edward Phelips' historic Elizabethan mansion "of glowing Hamstone", completed in 1599). We climbed the "steep hill' for which Montacute("monsacutus") was named., We stayed at "The Kings Arms Hotel" on Bishipton Street, where we learned from the DOMESDAY BOOK that the village of Montacute, then known as BISHIPSTONE, was a going concern for centuries before the arrival, in 1066, of William the Conqueror. his half brother, the Count de Mortain, William gave the Village of Bishopstone and other properties in the area, including "Steep Hill" (Mons Acutus) whereon the Count built his castle,''naming it MONTACUTE. We found no trace of the castle, but the site is marked by a FOLLY TOWER, erected in 1760. We also had a few pints in THE PHELIPS ARMS, the village pub,, and had dinner at The Milk House Restaurant. Some of the buildings' date back to the eighth and ninth century (and probably farther).

Assuming that Thomas Phelps 'of Albermarle County (died 1751) lived out his Biblical fourscore years and ten (as have most of his decendents), he must have been born about, 1690-1710. He purchased land from his father, John Phelps and his mother Mary Phelps, in what was then Goochland County, in 1736. The deed, dated March 15, 1736, from John Phelps and Mary (??Burgess) Phelps, his wife, to Thomas Phelps, is preserved in Goochland County Will Book 1, witnessed by Arthur Hopkins, David Duncan and Wentworth (his X mark) Webb. Wentworth Webb (brother of Theodorick C. Webb, witness to the Will of Thomas Phelps, Sr.), had died prior to the first day of Court in the new County of Albermarle(Feb. 28, 1744) and one of those named on that date as assessors of the estate of Wentworth Webb, deceased, was Thomas Phelps.


Doug Phelps said...

I am taking the liberty of posting a valid cautionary comment from JC Rogers - as copied from a related google group. DP

"Thanks for posting that Mark.
I had the privilege to converse with M. D. Phelps on quite a few occasions. He was a joy to talk with and his work has been a benefit to all researchers. I do want to point out however that while the work is extremely helpful to us the printed account does contain many assumptions that are not listed as such. An example would be Thomas Sr's wife being listed as maiden name Patteson when there is no documentation of this. I am also looking for any documentation to suggest John Phelps (son of Thomas Sr.) and his family was in KY before the late 1780's.

I bring this up not to belittle Mr. and Mrs. Phelps' work but because many researchers seem to rely on others work as a legitimate basis for their own research and through transfer without documentation the truth is distorted.
I believe at this point that most of those assumptions came from early researcher's (late19th thru 20th century) opinions and guesswork instead of documented fact or, first or second hand account. This seems to have been very problematic for the Thomas Sr. line. The internet is filled with family histories well seasoned with fiction but listed as fact.

By the way.... the "phantom" Bridle Creek mentioned in his work is located in present Appomattox Co VA ( a county and a half from the Phelps Island area) and empties into the James River and is now known as Bent Creek. Early Buckingham and Albemarle surveys show both names together. Thomas Sr. and sons had interest in a few thousand acres of land in this area and it is where those who remained ended up living. I have matched many of the old surveys to modern topographical maps and can usually come very close each boundary line.

Also the co-executor of Thomas Sr's will (Thomas Sr's son-in-law)listed in the paper as Richard Givin is actually Richard Gwin.


Ed Phelps said...

My records indicate that John Phelps was indeed in KY County, VA by 1775.

Pioneers at Fort Boonesborough
Madison County, Kentucky

Partial list of Boonesborough settlers from Anne Crabb, Pioneer Kentucky and Fort Boonesborough researcher, Draper Manuscripts.
HENDERSON, Col. Richard (12)
BOONE, Col. Daniel (12)
BOONE, Squire (12)
PHELPS, John (12)

(12) Monument erected by Boonesborough Chapter, Daughters of American Revolution which names some of the original settlers.

Unknown said...

Hi, I am a descendent of Thomas Phelps Jr thru son Anthony. The Phelps Surname Site needs a male surnamed Phelps descendent of Thomas Jr 1727-1797 KY to test and compare to their Thomas Sr descendents results, in order to genetically prove our Thomas Jr relationship to Thomas Phelps Sr d. 1751 Albemarle Co, VA. Any surnamed male Phelps descendent of Thomas Jr willing to DNA test, please contact me at ( Byron Renner

Doug Phelps said...

As the project admin for the FTDNA Phelps project, I also maintain for others (at their request) a web site of more detailed descendants of this line.. at It may be of interest.

Unknown said...

I am a descendant on this family--through Belfield Phelps to Delno Phelps Turpin Beck--Sylva Beck Price, and me, Sharon Price. Appreciate this site--plan to search for more information.

Unknown said...

I am a decendent of Shadrack Phelps. My great grandmother is Cleo Patra Phelps.My grandfather was Ralph Waldo Clark. I am looking through what I have as a family tree and there is a listing for a B.F. Phelps.I cannot find any info on this. He was married to a Amanda Leach. I think he was a son of Shadrack which I have found many spellings on. He was born 1855 died in 1938 but that is all I have. Can you help.I am the daughter of Reba Warner Clark.

Nancy Phelps said...

Hi all, I am M.D. & Irene Phelps daughter, Nancy Jane Phelps, and am currently living in the Kentucky home place currently Russell County. Shadrach settled on this property after his service with Daniel Boone, and my home was built in 1875 by John Quincy and Nancy Jane Phelps. If any from our line would like to see pictures or visit, I would welcome them. In fact, I am offering the home for sale hopefully to a family member wishing to continue keeping the property in the family. I currently have 2 acres with the home from the original farm. Cousins had developed the farm and there are now beautiful building sites. Contact me at if interested in more information.

Marcia(Marcia Bird-Thompson) said...

I'm working on a DAR supplement, on Thomas Phelps Jr...and just found out all the wonderful historical history on the Phelps Family line.
This site is a great place to learn more.
Anyone w/direct line to Thomas Phelps would love to hear from you

Doug Phelps said...

Midji, before you do your paper, it is extremely important that you get the right Thomas Phelps, Jr. There has been much confusion here.

I assume you are working on a dar record for Thomas Phelps Jr's brother: John Phelps, Sr. b. ca 1730 Henrico or Goochland Co, VA. d. 8/7/1798 Madison Co, KY ??

Is so can you provide the Rev War data . As the project manager for the Phelps ydna project, and recorder of descendant research, I would like to post that.

One of the confusions often is another DAR record: “Thomas Phelps b a 1738 d p 4-4-1794 NC m (1) Jane Smith CS NC” He is NOT of the Albemarle Co, VA line.

Much of this is now known due to research and ydna testing.

Marcia(Marcia Bird-Thompson) said...

Mr. Phelps
I will say, I'm very confused on this "Phelps" family history, and I appreciate your in put.
I began my DAR research with the "WILLIAMS" family, which is a Cynthia Williams, mother of one Jarret Williams. I came across a PROBATE Bullitt Co, KY with a THOMAS Phelps JR. Birth 1724, Goochland, VA. This probate names, people such as Simmons, Brashear,Guy Phelps,Pope, what Phelps line would you place this THOAMS PHELPS Jr. in?? His granddaughter, Cynthia is my direct line? His grandson was John Williams.Another source listed his father George, born in VA, went to KY, but was at Boonesborough too? Please tell me your feelings on these PHELPS family members.
Thanks, Marcia

Doug Phelps said...

Midgi, I think the confusion was that your post impled that a you were working on a dar record OF Thomas Phelps Jr. I see now that is not the case.

The Thomas Phelps Jr you are noting can be found on a genealogy prepared by folks who can be trusted. See

Robin Michelle Voiles said...

I am a Phelps descendent through my mother, Thelma Lois Phelps (b. 1932 d. 1997). Her parents were Pascal Talmadge Phelps and Virtie Mae Grider Phelps. I'm pretty sure my mother was born in Russell Springs, KY and the family moved to Indiana around 1935. I have not been able to find reference to anyone I am certain I am related to but names like Belfield and Shadrack were frequently mentioned. In fact, my grandfather's half-brother went by B.F and I pretty sure the "B" stood for Belfield. My grandfather also had a sister or half-sister named Cleoline. Thanks for keeping this website. I find it very interesting.

kyle phelps said...

I am a phelps. As a child my father (died at 72 on june 2004) Jerry Earl Phelps Sr.( born the youngest of ~15 siblings) had 2 strokes and could barely remember his life. When he remembered he told his children of what he could of his past. I do know that he was raised on a dairy farm in jamestown KY and the family had a african maid. One of his sisters names was buela and I believe his fathers name was thomas or something to that degree. Anyways if anyones knows of any of this to be accurate please let me know. Thank you

Matt Hughes said...

I'm curious about the Phelps line. I believe my line would be JOHN/THOMAS SR/WILLIAM/WILLIAM/WILLIAM/DAVID/GEORGE/ and then my great grandfather Charles Clay Phelps. The whole thing gets confusing with the multiple Thomas', but I know my line came from the Phelps in Logan County, KY, which according to most data would be this line.

David Phelps said...

Freeman k Phelps was my great grandfather Eliza was his wife, my great great grandfather was James H Phelps of Pulaski Ky

Doug Phelps said...

On Freeman K Phelps, see

Doug Phelps said...

also see where Freeman is listed

Anonymous said...

I hope this is the correct Phelps family. I am the great great grandchild of a Marion A Phelps (also spelled Marian) born in 1880 & died 1956 in Christian County KY. He (Marion was male) married Thomas Ward Owen (yes this is a female ;) in 1902. Marion is the son of John Q Thomas and Mary Phelps. If anyone has any info please email me at Thank you.

bphelps said...

I am married to a Phelps, he really wants me to research his family and I am having a little confusion. His family is from Pulaski County Kentucky. The line is Minot Harold (father) Kellis Phelps John Phelps William Riley Phelps and Leonard Phelps. I know one of his ancestors was a Rev and he owned a lot of acres of Cumberland Lake he signed over the land to the county stating it is wrong for one man to own all this land. The story you tell about Thomas would this be a relation to my husband?

Patricia Phelps said...

I am a Phelps. My father was Arthur E. Phelps, who had a brother Ike. Arthur and Ike married Alice Calhoun and Mary Calhoun. (2 brothers married 2 sisters.) I think my parents were born in Elihu, Kentucky around 1906. I do not know the names of either set of grandparents. I'd like to know more about my ancestry.
Patricia Phelps

The Real McCoy said...

I live in a small township community called Phelps Pike county Ky and curious how it got the name Phelps. Noone in this region appears to know. It's within the heart of Hatfield McCoy feudist country.

Unknown said...

Michael Phelps here. My great gradfather was George Washington Phelps. He was from Butler Co. Ky. He had 2 wives. My grandfather James Phelps was from the 2nd wife and was one of 10 siblings from his 2nd wife. James married Geneva Lee and moved to indiana in 1941.If any of you have a great grandfather named George Washington Phelps from Butler Co.Ky please lmk at thx.

Doug Phelps said...

Michael, I am the volunteer admin for the Phelps yDNA project at FTDNA. Our Phelps testing provides direct paternal lineages with confirmed dna tests. Member communicate with one another.
I cant find a Butler reference with those names, but we do have a tested Caswell Co, NC lineage with your James and your George Washington. Go to and look for George Washington phelps. But we have don’t show your combination from Butler Co. The Butler Co. Phelps were mostly of a very different group of Phelps and have been researched quite well by a truly great researcher. See Scroll down to see the lineages

We have more George Washington phelps in other lines, but not with a James. See

The bottom line is that to really know your genealogy is correct, you should do a ydna test at ftdna and join our Phelps yDNA project.. Let me know if I can be of help.
Doug Phelps

Doug Phelps said...

Michael, I am the volunteer admin for the Phelps yDNA project at FTDNA. Our Phelps testing provides direct paternal lineages with confirmed dna tests. Member communicate with one another.
I cant find a Butler reference with those names, but we do have a tested Caswell Co, NC lineage with your James and your George Washington. Go to and look for George Washington phelps. But we have don’t show your combination from Butler Co. The Butler Co. Phelps were mostly of a very different group of Phelps and have been researched quite well by a truly great researcher. See Scroll down to see the lineages

We have more George Washington phelps in other lines, but not with a James. See

The bottom line is that to really know your genealogy is correct, you should do a ydna test at ftdna and join our Phelps yDNA project.. Let me know if I can be of help.
Doug Phelps

Unknown said...

Doug, I think I would like to join in. My great grandfather John Thomas Phelps was by accounts a bit odd & possibly why I don't have more facts about the line before his father Franklin Phelps b. in 1826 in Madison County Ky on/in Paint Lick accounts indicate his middle name as Pierce - trying to figure out if Franklin is the part of a 2nd marriage since I have not yet found a name he is associated with or record of birth. Family verbal accounts say "we" came over the Cumberland gap with Boone and the images of Franklin note his exact date of birth and the Paint Lick notation. Franklin's grandaughter Ethel Phelps (Glover)(Stearns) worked on this in the 1970s traveling to Kentucky when working on DAR application. Thanks Laura

Anonymous said...

There is no mention of Jerry Phelps Jones who was the daughter of Elizabeth Phelps and grew up in the home.

Anonymous said...

I am a descendant of Thomas Phelps through his son Josiah

Anonymous said...

Josiah Phelps is my 4th great grandfather. Him and his father Thomas were both at the fort with Daniel Boone.

Doug Phelps said...

All those men who are descendants should view the sit and follow the links. Then when coordinating with the line's coordinator, test ydna at ftdna. Or at least test and join the overall Phelps FTDNA project at

Sabrina Phelps said...

Thomas Phelps Jr was my 5th great grandfather. Thanks for the article!