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Map of Phelps in Caswell, Person & Virginia

A map showing the locations of James Phelps and his Sons and Grandsons, not including Larking, Obediah and Ambrose who went to Pulaski Co, Ky. The Ambrose shown on the Map is the Son of Thomas Phelps Sr. In addition Thomas Phelps Sr.'s Son, James A. Phelps although not listed on the map, lived in the same area in Person Co. as Thomas Phelps Sr.

There are 2 pointers for Thomas Phelps Sr., as he first owned land directly adjacent to his father James in Caswell County, before moving to Person Co. around 1826. In 1831 and 1832 he sold his Caswell Co. land to his nephew, Isham Phelps, son of Thomas' brother Reuben Phelps. Reuben moved to Halifax Co., Va. and remained there until his death. Isham moved to Caswell County from Halifax Co., Va., after purchasing the property from his uncle Thomas Sr. and lived there till his death.

Thomas Phelps Sr.'s sons all lived in the same area of Person Co., although Ambrose lived just over the Caswell Co. line. His sons John, Hiram, Ambrose, Thomas H., Richard and James A Phelps all lived and died in this area with the exception of Hiram, who moved to Blount Co., Tn.

My father, Wilford Latham Phelps, was born in a log cabin in 1928 on the same property that was the farm of Thomas H. Phelps, Son of Thomas Sr. and Grandson of James Phelps.

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