Wednesday, October 12, 2005

UPDATE/CORRECTIONS TO: Discovery of an unpublished index to a 1931 Perquimans genealogy book, "History of Perquimans County, NC"

In my original blog on this subject I erred in saying there was no index to the deeds in that book. In fact, there is a very good and complete deed index, but is easily overlooked since there was another "general index" at the book’s end. But the "general index" is only 4-5 pages and covers only the firsts 38 introductory pages of the book.

The sections of the book that are not indexed include the following sections:
Petitions, Div of Estates, Marriages (in alphabetic order but no index of related names), clerk of court, sheriffs, and Representatives. Following that is a long section of family names which contain wills, births, and other information, some with her introductions. There is also a section on Rent Rolls and a small section of wills. But none of these are indexed by name - other than a table of contents family name section. In fact, in my local library copy, there a number of hand-written entries in the "general index" by those who wanted others to find information. Further the author's use of the page heading "Record of Deeds" on most all of the pages leads the casual reader to overlook these many sections.

So the full index which is available in Seattle is needed badly by any Perquimans researcher. I have requested a copy of the index sheets covering Phelps and Bateman.

This book (not this index) is now digitized at

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