Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Phelps Brothers of Corbett Ridge

(L toR)Gordon--Latham--Milton--When they were the cat's meow!!!--My Father Latham and his two brothers--"Hide the women" when these three were on the prowl--Not to mention they could "Cut a Rug" on the dancefloor at the local Legion Hut or between dances get into a scrape with some of the other farmboys--According to my dad they set some new landspeed records on the rural roads of Caswell the 40's--They all worked hard on the family tobacco farm--Gordon and Milton Enlisted in the Navy during World War 11--Latham couldn't go because he was the only son left to help on the farm(much to his dismay)as he wanted to go too--They all married and today there are many descendants of the Phelps Brothers of Corbett Ridge including myself

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