Saturday, October 22, 2005

Catherine James Walker Phelps 1901-1987

My Grandmother--Mother of Wilford Latham Phelps--Wife of Lewis Elmo Phelps--Daughter of Charles Young Walker and Lena Rivers Murray--Grandaughter of Robert Young Walker-Gr.Gr.Gr.Grandaughter of William Walker "The Loyalist" (1743-1819)--My Grandmother was a true "Southern Lady" steeped in the traditions of the Old South--She would rather be "whipped" than appear in Church without being in the latest fashion dress and the perfect hat. She had the fanciest "walk" I ever saw--Made the best Pound Cake in the County--She never learned to drive, but remained fiercely independent and always managed to get where she wanted to go--She loved to talk about family history with me and God Bless her for that.--She would whip you for killing a Blacksnake--And tell you to "make haste" when a chore needed doing--I can see her showing off her new hat to the Heavenly congregation right now.

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