Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Cabird Phelps

Cabird Phelps born 13 Dec 1801 Caswell co NC, died 10 Sep 1855 in Casey co. KY
s/o Ambrose Phelps and Sarah Dye

Cabird married Mary "Polly" King born 16 Jan 1809 Casey co. Ky, died 13 Apr 1876 Casey co KY d/o English King and Jane Humphries

Children of Cabird Phelps and Mary King :

Martin Phelps: born 1829, died 13 Mar 1864

Drada Ann Phelps: born 1831, died 4 Nov 1859

James Galen Phelps: born 13 Oct 1834, died 1906

Elizabeth Phelps: born 15 Feb 1837, died 18 Jun 1893

Hannah Phelps: born 1838, died 1904

Mahala Phelps: born 1839

Susan Phelps: born 1840

Larkin Phelps: born 16 Mar 1843, died May 1922

James Wesley Phelps: born 8 Sep 1846, died 23 Jul 1922.

William King Phelps: born 15 Sep 1852, died 30 Jul 1934


randall said...

All right, now we're getting somewhere. I got frustrated by Ancestry.com wanting an expensive subscription to get any information. I am happy to see that my information matches yours. My ancestry goes back through William King Phelps to Cabird and Mary Polly King to English (or James English?) King.
Thanks for posting,
Randall Phelps

randall said...

By the way, I am just restarting my research of which my grandfather, Lester Phelps, started extensively back in the 70's-80's by hand and foot (travel). Can you imagine doing this without the Internet?

Rosetta Phelps said...

Three Phelps brothers, Obediah, Larkin, and Ambrose, married 3 Dye sisters and came to Bent, KY. looking through our phelps' my Ggpa Perrill, his line goes back to Obediah Phelps, Perrill was a twin he married a distant cousin Ggma Barbara, her line goes back to Larken Phelps, his (Perrill) sister Sarah married her (Barbara) brother William Barbaras parents Isaac Phelps and Margaret Snell they had a set of twins Sadie and Sitha. I remember my dad talking about aunt Sari and uncle Will and about aunt Sadie and aunt Sitha. And I grew up with some of their grandkids. wondering...twins run in family...but dont know how many sets have been born in the later generations. Its cool. some of us are definately multiple cousins.
Ggpa Perrill and Ggma Barbara had a set of twins also 1 lived 6 months -Isaac and Margaret was 59 when she passed
Ggpa Perrills sister Alta Phelps married Charles Phelps and they had twins Verl and Jerl Phelps. No idea if Charles was related or not.
Our lines go thru 2 of the phelps brothers that married dye sisters so far in addition to the above further back closer to these 2 brothers Obediah and Larkin.....Larkin's granddaughter Anna Erp married Obediah's grandson Robert which is Lorenzo Dow's Son .... whew
I havnt even looked at ambrose the 3rd brother.