Tuesday, June 07, 2022

Looking for the family of a George Phelps whose name was given for Lake Phelps of Jackson Hole, Wyoming

 Lake Phelps of Wyoming was named after a trapper, George Phelps, prospector and hunter (see the references below).   If anyone has information about his origins or family please respond here.  Or contact sailingdeacon @ gmail.com


The last lake was named after George Phelps, the prospector and hunter they had met earlier in the summer. Beaver Dick told them Phelps was the first whiteman to see the lake (Daugherty, 1999, 76).
Bradley and Taggart’s Exploits: The Snake River Division of the 1872 Expedition.
The party arrivedon the west side of the Tetons on July 24 and camped with two prospectors in TetonCanyon. One of them was a noted hunter named George Phelps (Sanborn, 1978, 181-


Also see:  http://www.wyomingtalesandtrails.com/JYRAnch.html


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