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Thomas Phelps Sr. and Christian Staples of Elbert Co., Ga.

The Phelps Family of Thomas Phelps Jr. and Christian Staples in Elbert, County, Georgia
Possible Descendant Of Thomas Phelps of Albemarle County, Virginia d.1751

The Family of James Phelps(Wreck Island, Va.) and wife Elizabeth of Elbert County, Georgia.

The State of Georgia has heretofore been largely unexplored in regards to Phelps families that the Phelps Family Research Team has previously concentrated on. Until recently we were only knew of the James Phelps and his wife Elizabeth, who moved to Elbert County, Ga. from the Albemarle-Buckingham-Campbell County area of Virginia. This was the James Phelps of Wreck Island, Va, son of William Phelps d. 1749 Albemarle Co., Va. who had sons William and James that were named in his Will. William Phelps d. 1749, was a son of Thomas Phelps d. 1751 Albemarle Co., Va. For first time readers of this family history, the death dates are correct for this Thomas and James are correct as James died prior to his father Thomas, the Will of William Phelps naming him as "my loving father Thomas Phelps". The Wills of Thomas Phelps d.1751 and William Phelps d.1749 follow below, furnished by Tamra Phelps a Phelps descendant in Kentucky. These Wills provide documentary evidence of the kinship of these Phelps men discussed above.



In The name of God, amen. I, Thomas Phelps, of Albemarle County being weak in body but in sound & perfect memory do make this my last wilt & testament in manner and form as followeth.

Item I give my soul to God as gave it & my body to to the Earth to be buried in decent Christian like manner as my Executors shall think fit.

Item, I lend unto my loving wife Elizabeth Phelps during her widowhood all my whole estate real and personal.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my loving son Thomas Phelps 300 acres of land lying on both sides of Bridle Creek joining his lines, to him and his heirs forever.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my loving son John Phelps the plantation whereon I now dwel1 and the island I now tend in, and 300 acres of land on both sides of Huny's Creek joining Nicholas line to him and his heirs forever.

Item, I give and bequeath to my loving daughter Mary Petteson one shilling sterling.

Item, I give and bequeath unto my granddaughter Joyce Patteson and my grandson Peter Patteson betwixt them both one child's part.

1t is my will and desire that all my personal estate shall be equally divided among all my children except my daughter Mary Patteson, and my will and desire is that my estate shall not be appraised enduring my wife's time, and I do appoint and ordain my son Thomas Phelps and my son-in-law Richard Given to be executors of this my last will and I do by these presents revoke all other wills heretofore by me made.

Witnessed by: John Fearn, Theodore C. Webb, Chicely Crisp
Albemarle County Will Book One, page 20.
proved in court, May 14, 1751.
Note that Thomas calls his daughter Mary loving but disinherits her with a shilling, giving her part to her kids. Thomas' son William had died before him in 1749.


Will of William Phelps, 1749 Albemarle County, Va.

In the name of God Amen. I, William Phelps, being weak in body but in sound and perfect memory do make this my last will and testament in manner and form as followeth.

First I give and bequeath to my loving brother-in-law William Baber 200 hundred acres of land on Nell Moore's Creek of Slate River joining John Sharp's line to him and his heirs forever on condition that he pay to my executors hereinafter named on their order the value of the rights, surveyors and secretary's fees of the same.

I give and bequeath to my loving Father Thomas Phelps and to my loving brother Thomas Phelps Jr., all the rest and residue of my estate of what nature and kind soever in trust neverthless to be equally divided by them between my two sons James Phelps and William Phelps and by their heirs forever and for no other intent or purpose whatever and do ordain and appoint my said Father and Brother to be executors of this my last will and do by these presents revoke all other wills by me heretofore made.
witnessed by: William Cabell, Thomas MacDaniel (spelled Makadanal on will, and signed with his mark X, John Duncan, John Blackle.

proved in "May Court 1749. Albemarle County, VA, will Book One, page 1


William Phelps d.1749, named his Will two sons William Jr. and James. According to long time Phelps researcher J. C. Rodgers, James Phelps Son of William d.1749 is the James Phelps (Wreck Island) with wife Elizabeth, who left Virginia later in life and removed to Elbert Co., Ga. The primary evidence of James and Elizabeth Phelps of Elbert Co., Ga. and their residency in the Albemarle-Buckingham-Campbell County area of Virginia are two Deeds in which they sold property while residing in Elbert Co., Ga, that was located in Campbell Co., Va.

James Is In Georgia and Sells Property in Virginia---info from Doug Phelps and J.C.Rodgers

In 1800 James, while in Elbert Co, GA, sold property in Campbell Co - the Wreck Island Creek area - which researcher and descendant James Rodgers knows very well as part of the family property. The two deeds, one recorded in GA and the other in Campbell Co prove that this James and wife Elizabeth are in Elbert Co, GA and are selling land on Wreck Island Creek in Campbell Co, [1] The two deeds are:

1. Campbell Co, VA Deed Book 5 , pp94-95,1800)
"This Indenture made this twelfth day of March one thousand eight hundred between James Phelps and Elizabeth Phelps his wife of the state of Georgia and county of Elbert of the one part and William Bradley of the state if Virginia and county of Buckingham of the other part….sum of one hundred pounds current money of Virginia……..tract or parcel of land containing one hundred acres be it the same more or less lying in the county of Campbell and state of Virginia on Wreck Island Creek…….tract formerly possessed by james Shearer, deceased and at present occupied by Alexander Caldwell…... signed by James Phelps and Elizabeth Phelps (she made her mark) in the presence of James Lee (his mark) , John Penn, A. Stinchcomb…....Georgia Elbert County clerks office , registered in Book F, folio 119, the 12th day of March 1800, Middletown Woods, Clerk"…... Samuel Higginbotham attested that Middletown Woods was the clerk of court…....."Certificates thereon indorsed were exhibited in Court of Campbell Co. and ordered to be recorded june 9th, 1800. Ro. Alexander, clerk

2. Elbert Co, GA. Deedbook F p119 , 1800 20 Mar. 1800. James Phelps & Elizabeth his wife of Elbert Co. Ga. To William Bradley of Buckingham Co. VA for one hundred pounds VA. Money, 100 acres in Campbell Co. VA on Wreck Island Creek… formerly possessed by Shearer, at present possessed by Alexander Caldwell, signed James Phelps, Elizabeth (X) Phelps, Wit. James (X) Lee, John Penn, A. Stinchcomb, Regd. 12, Mar. 1800

This 1800 deed that was made from Elbert Ga does not give metes and bounds but mentions joining the land of Isaac Crews. (He bought the land in the 1797 deed) and also mentions Shearer.

Note the name of A. Stinchcomb, who witnessed both of the Deeds above, as he will help to connect the Phelps families in Virginia and Georgia.

Absalom Stinchcomb married Mary Penn, they had a son --

Levi Stinchcomb married Mary Ridgeway and they had a daughter--

Elizabeth Ann Stinchcomb who married Thomas Phelps Jr., Dec. 24, 1846 in Elbert Co., Ga.--

Thomas Phelps Jr., was a son of Thomas Phelps Sr. and Christian Staples, daughter of--

David Staples Jr. and Francis (Fanny) Mandley of Fluvanna Co. Va. Fluvanna County Marriage Bonds 1777-1801-- 1778 Staples, David--m.--Mandley, Fanny

David Staples Jr. was the son of, David Staples Sr. and Christian Ford of Albemarle Co., Va.

Francis (Fanny) Mandley was the daughter of John Mandley and Tabitha Stone of Fluvanna Co. Va.


The Will of John Mandley

* Will: 2 December 1802, Fluvanna Co., VA, In the name of God Amen I John Mandley of the County of Fluvanna in perfect health and sound memory doth make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form as followeth.

It is my will that my wife Tabitha Mandley do enjoy all my Estate both real and personal during her natural life and after her decease I give as followeth.

It is my Will that my Daughter Lucy Mayo have all the Estate I heretofore have given her.

It is also my will that my Daughter Fanny Staples have all the Estate I have given her and no more.

It is also my Will that my Daughter Polly Butler have all the estate I have given her and no more.

It is also my will that at the decease of my present wife Tabitha Mandley that my son Caleb Mandley have all the estate I have already given him and no more.

It is also my Will that my son Ancel Mandley have all the Estate I have given him and no more.

It is also my Will that after the decease of my present wife Tabitha Mandley that my son Micajah Mandley do have three-fourths of all my remaining estate both real and personal.

It is also my will that my daughter Salley Seay at the decease of my present wife Tabitha Mandley shall have the remaining fourth part of my remaining estate both ---- real and personal to them and their heirs forever as witness my hand and seal this Second day of December in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and two.

I also appoint my wife Tabitha Mandley my Executrix and Micajah Mandley my Executor of this my last Will and Testament.

Signed: John Mandley (seal)

Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presence of us Richard Merrill, John Barham, Salley Mandley (x her mark)

At a Court held for Fluvanna County on Monday the 23rd day of October 1809 This Will was this day produced in court and proved by the oath of Richard Merrill and John Barham two of the witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of Micajah Mandley the executor herein named who made thereto as the said directs and entered into and acknowledged bond in the penalty of two hundred Dollars Cuthbert Champion and William Pasteur his securities conditioned as the Said directs. Certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate thereof in due form. Teste John Timberlake, C. Fl., Testator=John Manley Jr.


Elbert County, Georgia--Wills and Deeds

From Phelps Researcher, Martha Oglesby---All I have is 3 Elbert county Deed books covering the deeds from 1791 to 1835. This is the first Phelps mentioned in these books. Deed Book B 1793 - 1795 page 42 9 Oct 1795 Richard Coulter to William Phelps both of Elbert Co 100 acres on Doves Creek.


Will Book M, Elbert Co., GA

Estate of David Staples, page 377

Returns of Fanny STAPLES, Excx. for 1824 shows receipts of John, Thomas, and Patsy STAPLES, Thomas Phelps, John Stovall, Edward A. DENNA (DENNEY), Robt. DENNA (DENNEY), Jesse Brown, Jacob MOON, and Thomas STAPLES for William Smith, each for $391.00 their distributive shares, and Tabitha MOON for $2.00 as per will.

1822 Will Book M, Elbert Co., GA, p. 94

STAPLES, David, To wife Fanny a slave Charity, household goods etc. to dispose of at her pleasure. The residue to be distributed amongst my children towit; John STAPLES, Christian J. PHELPS, Elizabeth D. STOVALL, Prudence SMITH, Barbara DENNY, Patsy STAPLES, Lucy BROWN, Melita DENNY, the legitimate off spring of my dau. Tabitha MOON, (at majority). To dau. Tabitha MOON $2.00, to Thos. STAPLES, Anna MOON, slaves Gabriel, Hannah, Bridget, Phillis, Jack, Lucinda, Silvy, Benj. and Welborn to be divided amongst above named children. Wife Fanny an son John STAPLES, Excrs. Signed April 30, 1821. Probated Nov. 19, 1822. C. W. Christian, Wm. Branan, Edmond Smithwick, Test.

Elbert County Deed Book P (1813-1816): p. 151 1 Dec. 1815, Presley Christian to George Oglesby, both of Elbert Co., for $100, on Doves Creek waters in sd. co., 69 ¼ acres on & up creek, adj. S.E. & S.W. by William Faulkner, N.E. by John Faulkner, N.W. by Thomas Phelps. (signed) Presley Christian. Wit.: William Grimes, Boyel Ridgway, Robt. B. Christian, J.P. Regd. 12 Jan. 1816. p. 152 Elbert Co., Ga.: 1 Dec. 1815, Presley Christian to George Oglesby, both of sd. co., for $500, on Doves Creek waters in sd. co., 170 acres, adj. Thomas Oglesby, on & down creek, in fee simple. (signed) Presley Christian. Wit.: William grimes, Boyel Ridgway, Robt. B. Christian, J.P. Regd. 12 Jan. 1816 Wm. Woods, clk.

Francis "Fanney" Staples Will as transcribed and notes by Daniel Denney, Olney, MD

Francis "Fanney" Staples appears to have died in Elbert County, Georgia, but her will, written October 17, 1837, is not specific. It wasn’t recorded by the court clerk until 1847, however (Will Book 1835-1860, pages 102 and 103). Two of the three witnesses, Charles Moon and C. W. Christian, I know to be Elbert County men. Both owned property facing the North Fork of the Broad River and were neighbors of my gggg grandfather Edward Denney. David and Fanney Staples owned land a bit to the south on Deep Shoal Creek.

Terms of the will:

Georgia, Elbert County

In the name of Almighty God Amen. I, Fanney Staples, widow and select of David Staples late of the County and state aforesaid deceased being weak in body but of sound and reflecting mind and memory, knowing that it is once appointed for all men to die wishing to dispose of what property that it has pleased God to help me with in my widowhood I do make this my last will and testament in following manner, to wit, I wish to be buried in Christian order at discression of my surviving friends and the expense paid out of my Estate.

I wish all my just debts to be paid out of estate by my Exec.

I give unto my son John F. Staples or his children one equal share

I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Stovall one equal share

I give unto my daughter Barbary Denney one equal share

I give unto my daughter Martha Tucker one equal share

I give unto my daughter Lucy Brown on equal share

I give unto my daughter Melita Denney one hundred dollars

I give unto my daughter Mary Ann Moon one equal share

I give unto my son Thomas Staples one equal share

I give unto Charles W. Christian, Senr., three equal shares in trust, one equal share for the sole use and benefit of my daughter Christian S. Phelps, one other equal share for the use and benefit of my daughter Prudence Smith, and one other equal share for the use and benefit of my daughter Tabitha S. Moon to be used in that manner in which the said C. W. Christian in trust may decide(?) it best to their and each of their interest, and his, the said C. W. Christian, failing or refusing to act in trust for the three last named daughters, then and in that case I authorize any court having competent jurisdiction to appoint other trustee or trustees in his place.

I give unto Charles W. Christian, Senr., one Negro girl named Milly trust for the sole use and benefit of my daughter Tabitha S. Moon.

My will and wish is that the balance of my Negroes, to wit, Charity, Benjamin, and Ansel, have the right of choosing their masters either in or out of my family to go at the valuation of three good men and the proceeds applied as above provided.

I do hereby appoint Charles W. Christian, Senr., and my son Thomas Staples Exec. to this my last will and Testament. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Seventeenth day of October in the year of out Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Thirty-Seven.

Signed sealed and acknowledged in the Presence of

Adam Kelly

Charles G. Moon

C. W. Christian


Fanney X Staples



Georgia Gold Lottery of 1832

This land was known as the "Cherokee Purchase", and extended from the Chattahoochee river to the state of Alabama on the west, to Tenn. and N. C. on the north. Lots of 40 acres were supposed to contain gold, and were known as "gold lots." Land lots contained 160 acres. Revolutionary soldiers, widows of Revolutionary soldiers, citizens, citizens widows and orphans were eligible for participation.

Captain Jesse Nellum’s Dist. 201

DENNEY, Edward A., s.l.w. (soldier of the late war 1812), 1 draw

DENNEY, George Washington (oldest son of David DENNEY), 1 draw

STAPLES, Francis, w.r.s. (wife of Rev. soldier David STAPLES), 1 draw

DENNEY, Robert, s.l.w. (soldier of the late war 1812), 1 draw

DENNEY, David, s.l.w., 1 draw

MOON, James B., 1 draw

MOON, Pleasant, 1 draw

MOON, John B. and Gabrilla (orphans of Pleasant MOON, given in by their mother)

MOON, Sarah, widow, 1 draw

STAPLES, Thomas (youngest son of David STAPLES), 1 draw


The documents listed above show the family relationships of the Phelps, Staples, Stinchcomb, Ridgeway, Penn, Moon, Christian and Oglesby families as allied and intermarried families in Elbert Co, Ga. and the discussed areas of Virginia. This now brings us to the family of Thomas Phelps Sr. and Christian Staples Phelps family in Elbert Co., Ga., who I now feel strongly is connected to James Phelps (Wreck Island, Va) and wife Elizabeth. Thomas Phelps Sr. could be a son of James of Wreck Island or possibly a grandson, as he was born in 1783 per 1860 Elbert Co., Ga. Census 87 years old being born in Virginia.

From longtime Phelps Researcher, J. C. Rogers: I have always thought that the Thomas Phelps in Elbert could have been a son of James. If memory serves, he married a Christian Staples. The Christian and Staples names are "Wreck Island Creek". The Stinchcomb and Oglesby names are local as well in the same area. Patteson is a name with multiple connections to this Phelps line and they were also interwoven in the Oglesby line.

The Family of Thomas Phelps Sr. and wife Christian Staples

1.Sarah Phelps

2.Mary Phelps b. 1809 Farm Hill, Oglethorpe Co., Ga

3.David S. Phelps

4.James P. Phelps b. 1813

5.Thomas Phelps, Jr. b. July 5, 1817, died Feb 2, 1902, married, Elizabeth Ann Stinchcomb Dec. 24, 1846

6.Elizabeth phelpsb. 1819, d. 1879 Meriwether Co., GA

7.John Phelps b. Jan. 23, 1821 Elbert Co. d. March 31, 1881, Elbert Co., Married Susan A. Moon

8. Reuben (Rubin)Phelps abt. 1823 (based on census)

The 1820 Elbert Co., Ga. Census shows a James and Thomas Phelps, no Township listed. In later census records it is refered as Elberton P.O., and Pike District. Below is a Listing of Phelps in the 1850 Census in Elbert, which shows three sons of Thomas Phelps Sr., James, Thomas Jr., and John Phelps, living beside one another based on the consecutive Household #'s. Thomas Phelps Sr is shown living with a Brown family. The E. Brown shown in Household # 293, along with Thomas Phelps Sr., is probably Thomas Sr.'s daughter Elizabeth as her age of 32 coincides closely with her birthdate of 1819. It is very likely for him to be living with one of his children, at the age of 70 years with his wife obviously deceased as she is not shown in Household #293.

1850 Elbert County, Georgia Census

Page Household#
373 147 147 Phelps James 37 M W Farmer GA
373 147 147 Phelps M. 35 F W GA
373 147 147 Phelps E. 14 F W GA
373 147 147 Phelps S. A. 12 F W GA
373 147 147 Phelps J. W. 10 M W GA
373 147 147 Phelps M. 7 F W GA

373 148 148 Phelps Thomas 33 M W Farmer GA
373 148 148 Phelps E. 21 F W GA
373 148 148 Phelps M. A. 4 F W GA
373 148 148 Phelps L. T. 2 F W GA
373 148 148 Phelps J. J. 2/12 M W GA

373 149 149 Phelps John 29 M W Farmer GA
373 149 149 Phelps S. 29 F W GA
373 149 149 Phelps W. T. 5 M W GA
373 149 149 Phelps L. E. 2 F W GA

384 293 293 Brown J. C. 32 M W Farmer GA
384 293 293 Brown E. 32 F W GA
384 293 293 Brown L. 5 F W GA
384 293 293 Brown J. 3 M W GA
384 293 293 Brown W. 2 M W GA
384 293 293 Brown J. 10/12 M W GA
384 293 293 Phelps T. 70 M W Farmer VA


By the 1860 Elbert County Georgia Census, Thomas Phelps is Shown living in the Household of his son, Thomas Phelps Jr.

406 803 Phelps Thomas Jr 44 M W Farmer GA

406 803 Phelps Elizabeth Stinchcomb 32 F W GA

406 803 Phelps Mahulda A. 13 F W GA

406 803 Phelps G. T. 11 M W GA

406 803 Phelps John J. 10 M W GA

406 803 Phelps Reuben H. 9 M W GA

406 803 Phelps Malinda E. 7 F W GA

406 803 Phelps Mary E. 6 F W GA

406 803 Phelps Sarah 2 F W GA

406 803 Phelps Z. 2 F W GA

406 803 Phelps Thomas Sr 87 M W Farmer VA

The age of of Thomas Sr, is in question as he was shown in 1850 as 70 years old and 87 years old in 1860, a 7 year discrepancy, yet we have all seen contradictory ages on Census Records and he is the only Thomas Phelps Sr. in Elbert Co, Ga. during these two decades.


I shall now focus on one son of Thomas Phelps Sr. and Christian Staples, as he leads to living Phelps descendants in Georgia. That son is John Wofford Phelps, that married Susan A. Moon, Jan. 12th, 1843 in Elbert Co., Ga..

The Family of John Wofford Phelps and Susan A. Moon

1) William T. Phelps Sr.--Born 1846-- William T Phelps - Enlisted 4/1/1864, "Present" on roll dated 1/30/1865, No further military record but 1921 Florida pension application states that he was captured 4/6/1865 and put on a boat to Savannah at Newport News in June 1865, Born in Elbert County Ga 1/22/1846, Married Louisa A Seymour in Elbert County 7/21/1867, Moved to Alachua County Fla., 12/24/1912 from Lowndes County Ga, Died 3/17/1924 in Alachua County, Fla.

2) Lockey Ann Elizabeth Phelps --Birth: 23 JUN 1848 , Elbert, Georgia --Death: 20 JUL 1918 , Elbert, Georgia

3) Mary L. Phelps --Birth: 17 OCT 1850 , Elbert, Georgia Death: 14 JUL 1945, Elbert, Georgia--Married Joel R. Seymour, 15-May 1868

4) Susan Mildred Phelps--Birth: 1852, Elbert, Georgia --Married James R. Dickerson, 26-Oct 1873

5) Jepthania F. Phelps --Birth: 1854, Elbert, Georgia-- Death: 20 JUL 1918--Married William S. Seymour, 19-Dec 1873 GA Elbert

6) Bird Ella Phelps --Birth: 1857, Elbert, Georgia --Married William M. Vaughn, 20-Jan 1876 GA Elbert

7) Jefferson Davis Phelps -- Birth: 1859, Elbert, Georgia --Married Jeanette Burden, 9-Nov 1884 GA Elbert

8) John Wofford Phelps Jr, --Birth: 1862, Elbert, Georgia--Married Jessie E. Norris, 16-Oct 1884 GA Elbert

The Family of Jefferson Davis Phelps and Jeanette Burden

1) Maude Phelps--Daughter--Birth 1886

2) Gairdner Phelps--Son--Birth 1887

3) Tommie (Lonnie) Phelps--Son--Birth 1890

4) Lester Phelps--Son--Birth 1891

5) Charles Phelps--Son--Birth 1893

6) Allie Phelps--Daughter--Birth 1894

7) Dozier King Phelps--Son--Birth 1896---Dozier King Phelps, married Jessie Lavonia Moon, has a living Great-Grandson in Elbert Co., Ga., who shall remain anonymous at this time.

8) Jefferson Davis Phelps Jr.--Son--Birth 1904

9) Dorolla (Dora) Phelps--Daughter


Elbert County Cemeteries---PHELPS

Deep Creek Baptist

Phelps Dozier King ??-???-1896 20-Nov-1960 h/o Jessie Lavonia Moon --Deep Creek Baptist

Phelps Edward ??-???-1900 ??-???-1922-- Deep Creek Baptist

Phelps Gardner ??-???-1887 ??-???-1941 --Deep Creek Baptist

Phelps Jeanette Burden ??-???-1867 ??-???-1943 Jeanette Burden, w/o Jefferson Davis Phelps-- Deep Creek Baptist

Phelps Jefferson Davis ??-???-1859 ??-???-1929 h/o Jeanette Burden-- Deep Creek Baptist

Phelps Jefferson Davis Jr 06-Feb-1904 24-Dec-1983 --Deep Creek Baptist

Phelps Jessie Moon ??-???-1896 27-May-1981 Jessie Lavonia Moon, w/o Dozier King Phelps --Deep Creek Baptist

Phelps Lonnie W. 19-May-1935 GA PVT 235 INF 82 DIV-died at age 16 --Deep Creek Baptist

Phelps Lydia Ramirez 26-Apr-1909 28-Jan-1972-- Deep Creek Baptist

Phelps Tommy ??-???-1907 ??-???-1911 --Deep Creek Baptist

Antioch Baptist

Phelps Susan A. 27-Sep-1821 27-Feb-1908 Susan A. Moon, w/o John Phelps --Antioch Baptist

Phelps John 26-Jan-1821 31-Mar-1881 h/o Susan A. Moon --Antioch Baptist

Rehoboth Baptist

Seymour Holcomb G. 18-Mar-1888 24-Aug-1950 s/o William Thomas and Lonie Phelps Seymour-- Rehoboth Baptist

Butler Holcomb H. 26-Jun-1887 09-Sep-1888 s/o Peter. B. and Elzena Dora Phelps Butler-- Rehoboth Baptist

Seymour Lonie ??-???-1867 ??-???-1931 Lonie Phelps, w/o William Thomas Seymour--Rehoboth Baptist

Seymour William T. 06-Jan-1865 ??-???-1948 William Thomas Seymour, h/o Lonie Phelps -- Rehoboth Baptist

Seymour J. Reese 12-Aug-1847 14-Sep-1923 Joel Reese Seymour, h/o Mary Louisa Phelps-- Rehoboth Baptist

Seymour Mary Phelps 17-Oct-1850 14-Jul-1935 Mary Louisa Phelps, w/o Joel Reese Seymour Rehoboth Baptist

Phelps Silas 12-Sep-1894 02-Jan-1902 Son of J. W. and H. E. Phelps --Rehoboth Baptist

Hillcrest Cemetery

Phelps Jessie Norris ??-???-1861 ??-???-1955 Jessie Norris,w/o John W. Phelps --Hillcrest Cemetery

Phelps John W. ??-???-1861 ??-???-1897 h/o Jessie Norris-- Hillcrest Cemetery

Phelps Robert D. 19-Feb-1896 03-Dec-1896 s/o J. W. & Jessie Phelps --Hillcrest Cemetery

Phelps Stella B. 03-Apr-1894 21-Sep-1894 d/o J. W. and Jessie Phelps --Hillcrest Cemetery

Dewey Rose Baptist

Phelps John W. 05-Sep-1897 28-Feb-1984-- Dewy Rose Baptist

Phelps Wilburn Campbell 09-Apr-1929 10-Apr-1929 Inf s/o John W. Phelps -- Dewy Rose Baptist

Stinchcomb United Methodist Cemetery

Phelps Hulde Yann 13-Jun-1847 07-Nov-1917 Mahulda Yann, w/o William G. Sanders-- Stinchcomb United Methodist Cemetery

Phelps Sallie 29-May-1847 01-Sep-1903 Sarah P. Bond, w/o John J. Phelps--StinchcombUnited Methodist Cemetery

Rousey Mitchell G. 14-Jan-1860 05-Feb-1924 h/o Eliza Phelps--Stinchcomb United Methodist Cemetery

Phelps William D. 13-Sep-1865 26-Apr-1932 s/o Thomas and Elizabeth Ann Stinchcomb Phelps--Stinchcomb United Methodist Cemetery

Phelps Thomas 5-Jul-1817 02-Feb-1902 h/o Elizabeth Ann Stinchcomb--Stinchcomb United Methodist Cemetery

Phelps Elizabeth A. 16-Sep-1828 07-Oct-1900 Elizabeth Ann Stinchcomb, w/o Thomas Phelps--Stinchcomb United Methodist Cemetery

Burden Family Cemetery

Burden Richard Lester 20-Oct-1894 17-Aug-1896 s/o George Usry and Henrietta Phelps Burden--Burden Family Cemetery

Burden George Usry 16-Jun-1876 28-Mar-1946 h/o Henrietta Phelps --Burden Family Cemetery

Burden Henrietta "Etta" 06-Apr-1876 29-Apr-1916 Henrietta Phelps, w/o George Usry Burden


Colvard Lula Phelps 12-Oct-1870 12-Feb-1963 Lula Phelps, w/o Walter Hamilton Colvard

Colvard Walter Hamilton 18-Oct-1864 17-Sep-1943 h/o Lula Phelps


Phelps Marraiges--Elbert Co. Ga. 1806-1850

Hicks. William and Polly Phelps Nov. 23, 1809 p.2

Hicks, Wyatt and Melinda Phelps Feb. 8, 1824 p.486

Moon, Jesse and Mary Phelps Oct. 28, 1823 p.484

Moon, Stephen and Fanny Phelps Jan 20, 1820 p.475

Phelps, Thomas Jr., and Elizabeth Ann Stinchcomb Dec. 24, 1846 p.206


Brown, Jesse and Lucy Staples Jan. 17, 1811 p.137-- I feel very strongly that this is the sister of Christian Staples, who married Thomas Phelps Sr. of Elbert Co, Ga. J.C. Brown, whose household Thomas Phelps Sr., was living in Elbert Co., Georgia Census Records of 1850 in Household # 293. The Census Record clearly shows:

384 293 293 Brown J. C. 32 M W Farmer GA
384 293 293 Brown E. 32 F W GA
384 293 293 Brown L. 5 F W GA
384 293 293 Brown J. 3 M W GA
384 293 293 Brown W. 2 M W GA
384 293 293 Brown J. 10/12 M W GA
384 293 293 Phelps T. 70 M W Farmer VA

Martha Oglesby--Phelps Researcher said: I forgot to tell you that the Brown family that Thomas Phelps was living with in 1850 was a nephew... the son of Christian Staples sister, Lucy, who married a Brown.

The Christian Phelps who Thomas received money for, was a daughter of Fanny Staples would be the wife of Thomas Phelps,Sr.

Based on this Census record, I conclude that the E. Phelps, is in fact Elizabeth Phelps, daughter of Thomas Phelps Sr. and Christian Staples. In the 1860 Elbert County. Ga. Census, Lucy (Staples) Brown, Probably the mother of J. C. Brown and sister of Christian Staples, shown in the Household of
J. C Brown, which gives the full name of J. C Brown and E. Brown. Thomas Phelps Sr. had died before 1870 and is no longer shown in the Household. Notice that it shows Lucy Staples Brown, sister of Christian Staples, being born in Virginia, just as the 1850 Census shows Thomas Phelps Sr, who married Christian Staples, being born in Virginia as well.

50 757 Brown Joshua Clarke 41 M W Farmer GA
50 757 Brown Elizabeth Pendleton Vaughn 41 F W GA
50 757 Brown Lucy Elizabeth 14 F W GA
50 757 Brown J. B. 12 M W GA
50 757 Brown W. A. 10 M W GA
50 757 Brown J. D. 8 M W GA
50 757 Brown L. 6 M W GA
50 757 Brown Lucy 71 F W VA
50 757 Burch J. W. 61 M W Farmer KY
50 757 Guess P. 33 M W Waggoner SC

Phelps Marraiges--Elbert Co. Ga. 1851-1900

BOND, SARAH P.------------------ PHELPS, JOHN J.---------- 18-Nov 1869 GA Elbert

BURDEN, JENETT------------------ PHELPS, J. D. 9-------------Nov 1884 GA Elbert

COLLINS, H. ETTER---------------- PHELPS, JESSE W. --------24-May 1888 GA Elbert

McCURRY, STELLA---------------- PHELPS, W. T. Jr.---------- 26-Dec 1894 GA Elbert

NORRIS, JESSIE E.----------------- PHELPS, JOHN W.--------- 16-Oct 1884 GA Elbert

PHELPS, BURDEL -----------------VAUGHAN, WILLIAM M.-- 20-Jan 1876 GA Elbert

PHELPS, ELIZA-------------------- ROUSEY, MITCHELL G. ---6-Jan 1895 GA Elbert

PHELPS, ELZENA D.-------------- BUTLER, PETER B. ---------21-Nov 1882 GA Elbert

PHELPS, ETTA ---------------------BURDEN, BUDDIE--------- 28-Dec 1893 GA Elbert

PHELPS, IRENE E.----------------- HALL, WILLIAM T.-------- 18-Dec 1889 GA Elbert

PHELPS, JEPTHANA F.------------ SEEMORE, WILLIAM S.--- 19-Dec 1873 GA Elbert

PHELPS, LOCKEY A. E. -----------SEAMORE, CHARLES M.-- 7-Feb 1867 GA Elbert

PHELPS, LONA-------------------- SEYMORE, THOMAS W. --7-Feb 1886 GA Elbert

PHELPS, LULA --------------------COLVARD, WALTER H.----12-Jan 1890 GA Elbert

PHELPS, MAHULDA A. -----------SANDERS, WILLIAM G.-----26-Nov 1868 GA Elbert

PHELPS, MARY ELIZABETH -----BUSBY, JAMES ------------18-Sep 1870 GA Elbert

PHELPS, MARY L. ----------------SEEMORE, JOEL R. 15-----May 1868 GA Elbert

PHELPS, NEELIE ------------------BOND, EDWARD M.------ 12-Nov 1891 GA Elbert

PHELPS, SUSAN M.---------- ----DICKERSON, JAMES R.-- 26-Oct 1873 GA Elbert

PLEDGER, LETTIE A.--------- ----PHELPS, LEVI T. ----------12-Sep 1869 GA Elbert

SEEMORE, LOUISA A. -----------PHELPS, WILLIAM T. -----21-Jul 1867 GA Elbert

McCURRY, STELLA---------------PHELPS, W. T. Jr.-----------26-Dec 1894 GA Elbert


Letter of Dismision
( Georgia, Elbert County )

The Baptist Church of Christ at Doves Creek in conference do certify
that the Undersigned named members are in full fellowship with us and are
heareby dismissed From us regularly constituted into a Church at Antioch in the
above named County According to Baptist usage.

Named as follows: Femails Names

John Booth
Wm. R. Crook Amy Booth
Woodson C. Booth Sarah J. Smith
David M. Sanders Judy Moore
Joel W. Moore Mary S. Johnson
Richard Sanders Nancy Moore
James Johnson Elizabeth E. Moore
Wm. Ruff Elizabeth C. Tucker
Calvin J. Moore Nicy Crook
Georg T. Sanders Jane Head
W. J. Moore Martha S. Brown
????? White Mahielda Sanders
Bennet W. Brown Elizabeth Moore
Thomis Phelps Cicilyian Fitts
Mary A. Ruff
Martha F. Tucker

Don in conference and assigned by order of the same.
January 17th 1846 (?)
James Almand C
P. T. Burges, modeator


Georgia: Elbert County: Sarah Harper Estate Sale, 5 Nov 1802

Elbert County}

Amt. Of Sale, Sarah Harper, dec'd, 5th Nov 1802

Wm. Phelps 1 saw & rest 3.02 ½; pd Jas Jones 1 chern 1.00 4.02 ½
Tho. Napier 1 sett coopers tools 2.50;
N Wm. Phelps 2 chisels & hammer .81 ½ 3.31 ½


Georgia: Elbert County: The History of Goshen District
And The Town of Bowman, Ga.

Some early educators of Gibson-Mercer Academy were: Dr. Montgomery,
Dr. A. W. Keese, Prof. Peter Zellars, Prof. J. P. Cash, J. A. Hunter,
Rev. A. W. Bussey, Prof. J. T. Miller, J. W. Holman, Lawson E. Brown,
Prof. A. B. Greene, Prof. W. C. Underwood, A. H. Redding, L. F. Jordan,
and J. B. Brookshire.

1926 saw this school operated as a public high school for white
students. In 1928 this school house burned, and the people of Bowman
and Goshen District came together and constructed a new brick building
for the grammar and high school. Crayton Phelps and his cousin, Sanford
Moon are shown (1928) in a photo in front of the old two story brick
grammar school building. Crayton’s father had left this area to go
and help build the Panama Canal but returned back to Goshen District.
1929 was the first Class to graduate from the White Bowman High School.


Conclusions based on the evidence contained in this document.

1) The line of Thomas Sr. and Christian Staples in Elbert Co., Ga. based on the source documents, included in this article is proven to present day.

2) The relationship between Thomas Sr. and James Phelps of Albemarle-Buckingham-Campbell, Co., Va. is strong, yet can only be proven by a DNA test from a "living male" Phelps , who I have spoken to recently. The presence of the allied and intermarried families in Elbert Co, Ga., that have Old Albemarle Co, Va. "roots' makes a strong argument that this is certainly possible.

3) The William Phelps who appears in early Elbert Co, Ga. documents, appears to be a close relation of Thomas Phelps Sr. of Elbert Co. Further research is needed on this William Phelps. If he proves to be a brother of Thomas Sr., they both could be sons or grandsons of James Phelps of Albermarle-Buckingham-Campbell Co, Va.

4) I welcome any and all critique, additions, corrections, comments of any kind concerning this article. I encourage all Phelps Researchers to follow up with your own research in regards to this Phelps Family Line and hopefully it will bring others that we have not heretofore known of, to join us in the quest for answers we all seek.

Latham Mark Phelps---February 2007

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