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James Phelps Estate Inventory 1787

James Phelps Estate Inventory
Will Book B--Page 175
Caswell County, N.C.

January Court 1787

Inventory of James Phelps Estate, Deceased April 19th 1786.

Money-Fifty three Pounds One Shilling & Six Pence. Bonds-One Hundred and four Pounds.

Two Horse beasts, Eight head of Cattle, Three head of Sheep, Twenty-Six head of Hogs.

Four feather beds, Two Spinning Wheels, One Loom, Two Potts, Three Pewter Plates, One Tinn Pann, Ten Pewter Spoons, One Chest, One Table, Two Water Pails, One Tubb, Four Casks.

Two Hogheads, Two Plough Shoes, Five Weeding Hoes, Two Grubbing Hoes, Two Axes, One Hand Saw, One Drawing Knife, Two pair of Cotton Cards, One Stag, One pair Loom Gairs.

Five Books, One Looking Glass, Three Bee Hives, One Wheat Sive, One Pair of Wedges, Three Bells, One Chair, One Shoe Hammer, One Pair of Nippers.

Book Accounts- Forty-five Shillings & a Pence, Land 292 Acres.

William Phelps--Excecutor

January Court 1787
This Inventory was returned on Oath by William Phelps, Excecutor & Ordered to be Recorded.

Test: A. Murphey--C.C.

TRANSCRIBED BY: Latham Mark Phelps April 2006

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