Saturday, February 11, 2006

Pulaski co Phelps "orphans" UPDATED

Can you find a home for these Pulaski co Phelps?

Lidia Phelps listed born abt 1796 in NC
She is listed in the HH of Robert Phelps and Anna Earp in 1850

Willis G Phelps and family (updated see post script)
Married to Katherine Wesley and Cynthia Whiles
Clue: Shadrick s/o Willis and Katherine is listed in 1880 census in cousin James Wesley Phelps HH. James Wesley was the s/o Cabird Phelps and Polly King

Sarah and Hazel Phelps
Listed as buried in James Family cemetery both dates 1834-1859, did they exist or is this a transcription error?

Synthia Phelps
Listed as 40-50 years old in 1830 Pulaski co census with one son 10-15

If you can place these people I would love to hear from you!

Brenda Emery

Post Script:
Willis G Phelps was most likely the s/o Matilda Phelps and unknown.
Willis is listed in the HH of Nimrod Randolph and Matilda Phelps Randolph in the 1850 Pulaski co census.
Evidence of the child being Willis Phelps and not Willis Randolph:
1840 census reveals no children in Nimrod Randolph HH under 10 years of age
later census records reveal no Willis Randolph/Randal born within 10 years of Willlis Phelps dob
Indicating the Willis G in the 1850 census was Matilda Phelps Randolphs son, Nimrods stepson.
Willis G death certificate states his mother was M*****A (unreadable) no father named.
My thanks to Gail Duggins for sending me this record.
Burning question: If Willis G last name was Phelps, was Matilda first married to a Phelps cousin?


Anonymous said...

It is my understanding (although I have no proof) That the first Willis G. Phelps was the son of Matilda and a "traveling man". He did keep the name Phelps and begat Charles Phelps who was my g-grandfather. Who also had a son named Willis G. Phelps (1911-1970).

Kella's Blog said...

Nimrod Randolph and Matilda Phelps. If Nimrod is the father of Matilda's son and she is listed as "M------A, possibly, and only guessing: Matilda might have been a mulatto, a person of mixed white and African blood. Even a small amount would classify her as non-white. That in turn would have made marriage to a white illegal in 1850. So, it might have been a relationship like that of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings, who bore him six children, some of whom "passed" in white society. Just a thought.