Monday, October 02, 2006

Robert Calvin Phelps-Son of Isham Phelps

The above photos are: Top Left--Robert Calvin Phelps (1830-1884) and his wife Anne Foster Phelps. Top Right--Ollie and Lula Phelps, Daughters of Robert and Anne.

Bottom Right--The family of Linzey Green Phelps, Son of Robert and Anne. Linzey Green Phelps (1870-1946) is at the far left in the back row. Front Row-L to R-Helen Marie Talley Phelps (2nd wife of Linzey Green Phelps),--Lee G.-- Robert Calvin.
Back Row-L to R--Linzey--Emmie--Elwood--Mary Leigh. Picture taken August 27th, 1939.

Robert Calvin Phelps (1830-1884) was the son of Isham Phelps, grandson of Reuben Phelps and great-grandson of James Phelps.

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